Greener Shopping in Dallas Texas

Dallas, Texas is taking the latest advances in green technology very seriously.  Over the next five years, City Hall intends to grandfather out the use of plastic and paper shopping bags.  Why such a long phase-out?  People are well into the habit of assuming the bag is part of the purchase.  Moving to a bring-your-own-bag forethought is going to be quite a change for most people.When you consider that plastic shopping bags are not solely the by-product of groceries, but also include many other items purchased from stores that sell hardware, clothing, whole foods and medical supplies, it isn’t any wonder why they are found blowing around the environment.Green programs that require the return or exchange of plastic and paper bags are rare in the American culture.  The excess of plastic shopping bags can be found trapping fish and strangling diving birds that go for the plastic-wrapped fish.Part of the Dallas plan to oust plastic and paper litter from the city limits includes an incentive to collect used shopping bags in return for a recyclable bag away free of charge.  For a limited time, shopping bags made of eco-friendly material will be given to consumers as a retail promotion and to increase public awareness of the harm caused by tossing away non-biodegradable materials.  Public education campaigns will focus on the benefits to the environment that using cloth bags will create.On an average, Americans use 363 plastic bags manufactured from petroleum per person, per year.  Using paper products encourages using trees as a non-sustainable commodity.  Paper consumes 40% more energy to manufacture than plastic and is responsible for 80 % more solid wastes.Cloth grocery bags are made from organic cotton grown in fair wage and legal labor work environments. Its design is sturdy and will support the weight of heavy cans. The hard part is going to be remembering to bring your own bag.

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