GTD - Allan Butler's View of Getting Things Done


David Allen’s time management method book, Getting Things Done, centers on the concept of planning tasks externally so the mind can focus on the big picture and won’t get cluttered with day to day small tasks. He provides an outline for the best possible way to master a positive workflow: Collection, processing, organizing, reviewing, and doing. Allen emphasizes the importance of writing things down on paper and getting everything on your mind into writing. Allen underlines the significance of breaking down large projects into the next physical action that needs to be done rather than focusing on everything that needs to be done at once. You must get rid of the “stuff” that is not yours or that you do not need. The mind is a focusing tool, not a storage place.

To keep the system working it is important to trust the system you have developed. Practicing stress free productivity comes from getting the “stuff” out of our brains and onto paper for us to see but also doing it consistently. Allen stresses the importance of giving your system weekly reviews on your productivity to make sure your system is working. Mastering ones time enables you to live in the present moment without stressing over unfinished work. GTD is a framework created to fit your needs. One must keep in mind that the point of Getting Things Done is to make it easier to accomplish work that matters, not procrastinate by improving your system instead of doing productive work.

Note: GreenEfficient uses Evernote and Podio company-wide to Get Things Done for our clients.


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