How to Transform ‘Manic’ into ‘Motivational’ For Your Entire Team

The Mondays: How to Transform ‘Manic’ into ‘Motivational’ For Your Entire Team

Is your staff ready to sink their teeth into spreadsheets and emails after on Monday morning, or are they more prone to complain about having a ‘case of the Mondays?’ After a few days of relaxing and rejuvenation that the weekend brings on, it’s not always easy to come back full-force and plow through a ‘to do’ list with gusto. Here’s how to turn a ‘manic Monday’ into a motivational one for everyone in the office.

Change Up Their Work Routine

Whether your staff is feeling stressed, complacent or uninspired, motivating them to put in 100 percent is in your hands. Reward your diligent, hardworking employees to beat the ‘manic Monday’ blues with a change in their work schedule once a month.  Email them on Sunday night and tell them to sleep in tomorrow and instruct them to come in a few hours later than usual. A well-rested staff amounts to an energetic and inspired one!

Do your employees get a mid-afternoon energy slump? Turn one of your empty office spaces into a ‘nap room.’ Invest in a couch and designate it as the ‘20 minute nap room’ where they can recharge for a full afternoon ahead. A quick change-up in their routine can give your team amazing results!

Bring a Little Love to the Office (and Learn Their Language, Pronto!)

The employee that feels appreciated is the employee that will go above and beyond for you. The premise of the number one best-seller, The Five Love Languages, describes that everyone (including your romantic partner) communicates in a unique way. Think about your staff—how do they best receive support, respect and appreciation from you?

Is it by a “Great job with last month’s sales!” handshake or email?

Is it by having an impromptu catering lunch as a way to say thanks for all their hard work and devotion recently? When you step up and offer your employees what they really need to succeed for the long term—appreciation—they’ll go the extra mile to make you proud to be their employer.

Offer a Unique Incentive That Few Companies Provide

Work stress can cause poor posture, a stiff neck and unhealthy eating habits. Is stress becoming a big problem for your HR director, IT guy, or executive assistant? Beating the ‘manic Monday’ blues is a matter of distraction. While you can’t take away their stress completely, a positive reward for their hard work and perseverance can soften the blow and give them gusto to push their way through the stress—even on a Monday!

On the first Monday of every month, treat them to a professional in-office massage from the local massage school. Or, stock the office kitchen every weekend with fresh, healthy snacks (skip the donuts and replace it with a fresh fruit spread) so they can knock out their toughest tasks each Monday morning!

Just because it’s Monday, doesn’t mean it has to be a manic one. When you focus on positive incentives and appreciation, they’ll reciprocate your kindness with hard work and devotion all week long.

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