Hard Truth 3

Growing up, I was a self-conscious teenager, and more often than not this led to keeping my mouth shut instead of making my opinion known – because of a fear that when I open my mouth, what comes out won’t be liked by other people in the room, and that they might think less of me because of that. As an adult, I’ve realized that some people will like me and other people won’t, and that’s not something I can (or should want to) affect. It’s important to realize that if you can’t just be yourself, you’re never going to discover those people who do like the person you really are. But what most people can appreciate, even if they don’t like it, is a person who is true to themselves and presents their real face to the world. So don’t worry about what other people think of you. Just be content in being yourself, and knowing you’re awesome just the way you are.

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