Has Google Music Beta Bombed Already?

Just a few months ago it appeared Google was primed to take the wind out of Apple’s sails when they announced their Google Music Beta service was going to be online and available before Apple’s much hyped iCloud. However it has not been smooth sailing. Since the grand debut of Google Music Beta problems have been mounting.

The first problem began when Google made the service invite only. Hiding behind behind the excuse the service was still in beta mode Google Music invites were slow in coming and users soon became irritated rather than excited about the opportunity to try out the newest cloud based service. Those who did get invites reported problems with folder scanning and long wait times for music to upload.

Problems continued when Google only made the service available in the United States. This angered international users and irked world travelers who were unable to access the service in their vacation homes and hotels around the world.

The final potential nail in the Google Music coffin is how poorly the service works with iPhones. It is certainly understandable that the powers that be at Apple would never approve a functional Google Music app while trying to get iCloud off the ground. However, that Google could not even make a functional web-based mobile version which works on Safari is inexcusable. In completely ignoring the iPhone audience Google Music has alienated a potentially huge customer base.

What started as a serious potential threat to Apple’s ubiquitous iTunes is shaping up to be a dud.

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