Help Texas With Sustainable Efforts; Print Your Way To a Greener Office

Your business is somewhere in Texas and business is good. You think it might have something to do with karma, and want to give something back – just in case. You’ve heard about this “green sustainable thing” that Dallas, Houston and Austin are doing and might want to get involved, but aren’t sure how. Here’s a beginner’s hint: use recycled paper.Why Use Recycled Paper?Although several reasons come to mind, here are the two big ones:1. Environmental – Recycled paper is better for the environment. Significantly less energy and water is needed to make recycled paper versus conventional paper. No trees are harmed in the making of recycled paper, which means the amount of oxygen enriching plant life doesn’t diminish. Trees do a very big part of creating the necessary oxygen for our air. Save a tree, breath deep.2. Business – Although around 36% of business owners think recycled paper is more expensive than virgin paper, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Because of the increase in demand and refinement of the process, recycled paper is no more expensive than virgin paper.Choosing the Right Paper for Your NeedsRecycled paper comes in as many colors, densities and sizes as conventional, virgin paper. However, many have issues with recycled paper, such as the paper getting stuck in a printer or copier. What you may not realize is that the issue isn’t whether the paper is recycled or conventional; the issue is the wrong type (grade) of paper. For instance, copy paper is very specifically labeled as copier paper, whether recycled or conventional, and usually comes in three sizes, with width and height differences. The correct size is essential to keep the paper from getting stuck.If you’re interested in using recycled paper products in your Texas office, you can find more information on types and uses at ConservaTree , as well as places to buy them.

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