Here are some pretty sweet earthquake apps

With the recent shaking and quaking going on around the world, many smartphone owners are looking to the app store to see what their smartphone can offer when the ground begins to rumble. App developers have taken this project on themselves and produced some amazing programs to keep users up-to-date with vital information, life saving tips, and even a place to organize safety kits.

For only the most basic of information, Earthquake is the app to download. Utilizing Google Earth, Earthquake keeps a database of earthquakes as they happen all over the planet. Users can zoom in on locations to quickly find the epicenter with colored pins that increase in size along with the magnitude. This app is a quicker reference for time, magnitude, and location.

When it comes to being prepared after an earthquake, there are two apps that every smartphone owner is going to want to download. Earthquake Survival Kit is a comprehensive app that offers users a handful tools when natural disasters take a turn for the worst. With a single tap this app will search for the nearest hospitals, emit light and sound signals for rescue workers, and send an SMS signal that will allow for easier tracking. The final app will be priceless when an emergency takes place. Pocket First Aid & CPR is a single stop for full first aid information. It covers everything from a timing people for CPR compressions to the correct way to tie a tourniquet.

For those that find themselves in or around an earthquake, these apps can save lives. After everyone is safe and secure though, the next step is getting information on event. Fox Radio Mobile or the multitude of police scanner apps will keep your party well-informed on the situation from start to finish.

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