Household Hazards

Are you certain the chemicals you use in your home are safe?  You many not realize that the spray you use to kill bugs, solvent you need to clean your carpet and disinfectant you apply to the toilet bowl, mix together with the freshening spray you propel into the indoor air, combine to create a toxic gas.  You could be slowly poisoning your children, pets and friends.Most people see a bug and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible with a spray that will kill it instantly.  It comforts us to watch the bug die; then we know it is gone.  These harsh chemicals, however, may leave a residual trace that can be equally lethal to your child or pet.Choose Green Cleaning ProductsCleaning carpets professionally rarely results in a dry carpet. It usually takes a day or two to air-dry even when fans are strategically placed or windows opened to expedite the drying process.  During this time, young children crawl across the rug, often picking up toys or food and putting them into their mouth and transferring residual chemicals from the carpet cleaner to their skin and digestive system.  Similarly, your dog or cat strolls across the carpet and then licks bits of the moist carpet cleaning chemical from the pads of its feet.Furthermore, two seemingly safe cleaners can become lethal when combined.  Bleach is especially toxic when mixed with most other household cleansers.  Often, it isn’t even the actual liquid mixture that is the killer; it is the gaseous fumes that mingle to cause respiratory damage when they are inhaled.   You can trust that whatever negative effects these dangerous chemicals hold for adults, it is multiplied when it is applied to children or pets.Consumers should be aware that there are modern alternative solutions to these household hazards that are equally effective in their capacity to perform the intended task.  Just as effective are older substances, such as, white vinegar which is a better glass cleaner than any of its modern counterparts.  Stay away from anything that claims to be extra-strength; the dangers are not worth the few minutes you save in time.  Check the labels carefully; make sure it says non-toxic and never mix solutions.Some companies such as those located in Allen, Texas specialize in green, non-toxic, child/pet-friendly alternatives for household use.

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