How 007 Tells the Time in 2011

British fictional super agent James Bond is known for many things; sophistication, fearlessness, preferring martinis shaken, and always having an impeccable sense of style. It is this sense of style that shows up in the exotic cars he drives, the clothing he wears, and the gadgets at his disposal. With regard to gadgets, a fine wrist watch is always an essential element of any refined Brit, so which watch would the illustrious spy choose?

In keeping with his character, Bond would choose a British watch, just as he usually chooses British cars. It would have to be something extremely exclusive, since spending time at the world’s most luxurious locales demands a watch that is exceptional. If James Bond were to be watch shopping in 2011, I believe he would purchase a No. 8 White Gold 30 Second Tourbillon watch from Asprey watches of London.

This ultra high-end watch is as exclusive as they come, being limited to an edition of ten, and features 18k gold and an alligator watch strap. The price of the watch is also very exclusive, coming in at 80,000 pounds, or approximately 131,000 U.S. dollars. Despite the limited availability of the watch and the hefty price, a well-heeled figure like Bond would undoubtedly be able to get his hands on one.

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