How Social Media is Changing the NFL

The National Football League has always been a league with a lot of trash talking between teams and players. This usually occurred on the field or during interviews prior to the game, but social media is changing the way members of the NFL can trash talk. Twitter allows anyone involved with the team to instantly be able to say whatever they want with little to no harm.

Prior to Twitter, players in the NFL would have to wait until they were on the field to be able to trash another team or player. This meant that they had to deal with the possibility of getting hit hard for running their mouth. Now they can hide in their house and say whatever they want to on Twitter using their phone. This is talking the toughness out of a sport that is based on toughness. Anyone can run their mouth when they are at home, it truly takes guts to trash talk another player right in front of him.

Twitter is also getting NFL players in trouble because they are not thinking before they comment on situations. Players are bashing the commissioner, Roger Goodell, for any fines or suspensions that are being handed out by the league. This eventually gets the players into more trouble with the league and ultimately gets them fined even more money. Prior to Twitter, you had time to think about what you wanted to say before you had a chance to comment on anything. This gave the player time to realize it is not a wise idea to disparage the league that you are playing for and earning a great living from. Twitter is only harming the NFL and its players by getting them into more trouble than needed, and it would be wise for players to stop using the social media tool.

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