How Tim Ferris (4 Hour Work Week) Outsources his life

The concept is simple. It is one we all use every day. We pay people to change our oil, cook our meals, and clean our homes because our time is better spent on other things. Outsourcing is as old as man. What Tim Ferris has done with his 4 Hour Work Week is extend that concept to running a small business.

What makes the paradigm revolutionary is that until the 4 Hour Work Week hit the world’s consciousness, the vast majority of people considered outsourcing to be simply a way of exchanging money for boring tasks. Exchanging money for boring tasks that make more money creates an entirely new ball game.

A business person using the 4 Hour Work Week method gets all the advantages of having a crew of quality employees at his or her beck and call without the paperwork and hassle of actually hiring full time staff. Every business has two components: The brain that guides the venture and the hands that carry out the day-to-day work of making ends meet.

The difficulty for a single person trying to make a mark on the world is that we are each limited to two hands per brain. By using outsourcing, we can hire additional hands to do repetitive but necessary tasks, freeing our brain to focus entirely on the more satisfying (and profitable!) work of guiding the business.

Having your cake and eating it too – outsourcing your life allows you to do exactly that.

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