How To Buy A House For Less Than $1K

When cash is tight, everyone wants to find a deal – but what if you could buy a house for less than what you pay in monthly rent? It might sound like a fantasy, but by doing some homework at your local courthouse, you may be able to get yourself a bargain. If you’re over the age of 18, then you’re eligible for making exactly this kind of purchase by following a few simple steps:

  1. Ask your local court house when the next “tax sales and sheriff sales” will be held.
  2. Check for advertised properties about 30 days before the sale.
  3. Do some research on where the “parcels” of land you can bid on are – this information is usually found at court or county offices, or in some cases online.
  4. Drive by the property, but DON’T try to go closer. The property must be bought and paid for before you’re allowed inside.
  5. Get to the sale ahead of time.
  6. Bid on your property.
  7. Presto, you own a house!

There are a few more details that will vary from county to county, but those are the basics. Happy bidding!

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