How to create a checklist in Evernote

Evernote is an easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything, everywhere.Use the desktop or website version when you’re at a desktop. Get apps for your smart phone and media tablet and keep everything synced up when you’re on the go.One feature you won’t want to miss is creating checklists. Because your lists sync to all your devices, you can access your checklists where ever you are.

Forgot to pack toothpaste on your latest trip? Just make a checklist for packing, add a checkbox for toothpaste. Look at your list when you’re packing. You won’t forget toothpaste ever again.

A friend suggested a restaurant, but you can remember what it was? Make a list of must-try restaurants, and when you’re out and feeling hungry, you’ll have lots of suggestions on your smart-phone.

Creating your checklists is easy. Use your desktop version of Evernote, or login to your Evernote website account and go to “All Notes.” Add a “New Note” and title it whatever you want. From the note editing menu, select the checkbox icon to add that to your note. Put a description beside your note’s checkbox.

Keep adding items until your checklist is complete. You can attach files to your checklists, too. For example, take a photo of the bottle of that new tequila you loved, and attach that to your party shopping list. Click “Done” to save your note.

The next time you sync up your smartphone or media tablet, your checklist and attached file appears on that device. Now how easy is that?

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