How to get a fake US passport if trapped outside of the US

You don’t realize the importance of a passport until you find yourself without one. It is your ID, freedom pass and go-to-the-front-of-the-line card.

Here is how you get a fake US passport if trapped outside of the US:

A) Be willing to meet with unsavory characters:

Fake passports are not sold in stores or airport kiosks. You need to be willing to meet with unsavory characters. You won’t find these people in travel agencies. You need to hit the bars, clubs and back alleys.

In some countries, these characters are easy to find. A conversation with a taxi driver is all you need to set up a meeting.

Ask around. But be subtle and relaxed. These characters are used to dealing with other unsavory characters. If they think you are setting them up, they will immediately sever the deal.

B) Be willing to spend money:

If you want a passport that looks legitimate, you’re going to have to pay for it. This is a business. The people doing the negotiations will be setting the prices; they can afford to. There are always travelers that lose their passports or can’t get one officially.

The market is always booming.

C) Be willing to take a risk:

You are outside of your native country without a passport. Your bank account can’t support you forever. You need to get back home. It’s going to take some risks.

You have dealt with unsavory characters. You are willing to spend money. Now comes the real gamble. It’s time to act and do what needs to be done.

Getting the passport will be risky. But not getting home is even riskier.

Finally home

Nothing is more comforting than returning home. It is a feeling of relief, recognition and safety. How you get there is up to you.

*** We don’t recommend ever falsifying any documents. This is for entertainment only.

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