How to Increase Your IQ Quick

For years scientists have wrestled with the idea of improving your IQ. Is your IQ something passed down from your parents, or is it something that you can improve and develop over time? Or, is it a combination of both factors? Although we may never know the answer, today it seems less likely that your IQ is entirely a result of your genes. Many modern scientists are convinced that altering environmental factors can result in an increased IQ. Below is a list containing a number of different ways to improve your IQ. If you don’t believe that these will work, try comparing your results on the IQ test (

• Take Deep Breaths –They teach you in yoga to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This increases the amount of oxygen flow to the brain.

• Keep a Journal – This type of reflection has been praised by many of the best, including Einstein and Newton.

• Continuous Learning of New Things – You might be surprised by what you can do. A curious mind will unlock new skills.

• Pick Up Speed Reading – Knowledge is power. The quicker you can read, the more information you can absorb.

• Take Short Breaks – This helps keep your mind fresh and maintain focus.

• Acronyms – I’m sure you used mnemonics to study in college. This assists with memorization.

• Breakfast – You need energy, so start the day off right.

• Movement – This helps the blood flow and circulation.

• Meditation – Helps reduce stress and increase the power of the brain

• No Sugar – A sugar loaded diet will cause unpredictable crashes in your day.

• Use your emotional intelligence – Empathy is the key component to understanding others. The better we can relate to others, the better we can understand our self.

• Productive use of downtime – Don’t sit around watching television after work. Run errands, do your laundry, or pay your bills. A written list or schedule can be effective for budgeting your downtime.

• Exercise – Experts say this is key for good health and reducing stress.

• Use of multiple senses to learn – We learn better when multiple-senses are involved.

• Focus – Induce alpha brain waves to relax and focus

• Consumption of antioxidants – A good diet can drastically improve your focus.

• Use your intuition – Pick up on environmental cues

• Learn a memory system – To read more about these system, follow this link (

These methods will not only improve your IQ. They are also great ways to keep your mind and body sharp and focused. As we get close to old age, our brains start to degrade. If you want to maintain a sharp and youthful brain, I highly recommend these methods.

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