How to Maximize your Starbucks Gold Card Rewards

Starbucks is a master at making two things: coffee and offers. Their drinks and promotions have turned many casual sippers into loyal customers.

One of their greatest inventions is the Gold Card. This piece of plastic rewards guests by giving them incentives to shop.

Starbucks Gold Card by the numbers:

– Cost: $25
– Benefit: 10% off most items
– Perks: free drink when card is purchased in store, free drink on your birthday, 2 hours of free WiFi access every day
– Restrictions: cannot be spent on gift cards, online purchases, publications or music
– Locations: company-owned stores only (about 70% of stores)

To get your money back you need to spend at least $250 a year at Starbucks locations. That equals out to almost $5 a week.

So is the card worth it? Like any system, the Gold Card works best when it is being worked. There are several ways to make a Starbucks Gold Card a worthy investment.

How to maximize Starbucks Gold Card Rewards:

1) Make several separate purchases in a single visit.

You earn “stars” each time your card is swiped. So if you go to Starbucks intent to have something to eat and drink, order the coffee first (first swipe) and then get back in line and purchase a pastry (second swipe).

Instead of getting one swipe with the two items, you “trick” the system into giving you two swipes for what is essentially one order.

2) Register multiple cards and give them away.

Have several cards on your account and then hand them out to friends, family and associates. By doing this, you can accumulate stars much faster, and don’t have to go to a Starbucks yourself.

Pretty soon, you will have a caffeinated army working to maximize your benefits.

3) Use the “free drink” to get the best drink possible.

If you are going to get something free of charge, it might as well be something really good. Your free drink has few restrictions, allowing you to get the most expensive, tasty beverage the store has to offer.

Not only do you get a free drink on your birthday, you get one with every 15 stars you accumulate, as well.

With the Gold Card, Starbucks makes you feel like you are moving up a success ladder. With these tips, you can take that ladder several rungs at a time.1

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