How to solve the cost crisis in health care

Most problems don’t have a cause. They have causes. Such is the case with the health care cost crisis in America. Some describe it as a dilemma, others an epidemic. Whatever term people use, all sides agree that things need to change.

Here are 3 things causing the cost crisis in health care:

1) Greed.

Many health care companies earn their money by actually letting people get sick or die. By doing the exact opposite of what they advertise, corporations are able to make enormous sums of cash.

The insurance companies need to replace their animalistic bosses with concerned employees that actually want to help others.

2) Fragmentation.

There have been many attempts to overhaul the health care system. These start-and-stop efforts have broken the program up into many smaller parts and left them scattered throughout the nation.

If someone is injured or sick, they must go through several intermediaries just to find out if they are eligible for treatment. This splintered framework works well for people on the inside, but for those on the outside, it can kill their bank accounts.

There needs to be a single-payer system, eliminating all these unnecessary channels and go-betweens so people can be helped.

3) Anger.

When people are angry, they don’t make wise decisions. The country is so mad about its rising health care costs that it has become incensed and cannot see the proper solution.

People must join together in civilized town hall discussions, where there are no enemies, traitors or “fake” Americans, only people that want everyone to receive the same level of health care.

Health care is not a commodity like shoes or phones or video games. Without health, people will die. It’s just that simple. Unfortunately, with a greedy, fragmented, angry atmosphere, the solution isn’t that simple.

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