How to Use Bill Reminders

For most people, credit card and other bills come at various times throughout the month. Most people do not have the best organization when it comes to paying bills. Keeping the envelopes in a stack on the desk or kitchen counter is not considered organized. There are a number of great ways to set up bill reminders to never miss a payment and hopefully become a bit more organized.

Most banks offer online banking that comes with the option to set up online bill payment and reminders. It only takes a few minutes to set this up, and it is extremely simple and handy. In 2011, nobody should have to write out checks to pay bills. The reminders through the bank show up on the account and can be emailed out as well.

There are also banking apps for smart phones that have similar features. With some apps, a person can see all of his accounts at once and set up email or text reminders for bills. This is a great option for a person who is always on the go.

Finally, if a person utilizes an online calendar such as Google Calendar, bill reminders can be added as an event and alerts attached to these events. Depending on when a bill is due, these reminders can be set up for several days in advance, so a person has time to transfer funds and make the payment.

All of these methods will work for a person who takes action after the reminder. For this to be successful, there needs to be follow through. Otherwise, the bill reminder is simply a nuisance.

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