Howard S. Wright Construction - LEED® Project Expert

Sustainable expertise is a valued commodity.  The Howard S. Wright Construction Corporation is a Seattle-based construction firm that was founded in 1885 and ever since has cultivated a well-justified reputation for excellence.  The company’s project portfolio includes jobs from $5,000 to $50 million.Of late, the company’s personality has become new-aged and very green.  Howard S. Wright has completed 40 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rated projects.  Sixteen of those projects have achieved final LEED® certification.  Additionally, the company now has 35 LEED® accredited professionals and hires new LEED® certified professionals every month.The company has made a social, economic and professional commitment to sustainability by promising to conduct business utilizing environmentally responsible methods with a key focus on sustainability improvements in four general areas.•    Energy Conservation•    Waste Minimization and Commodity Management•    Design and Construction Operations•    Employee and Community Involvement and EducationCorporate commitments of this nature by companies with long-standing community relationships are exactly what the U.S. Green Building Council had in mind when it created the LEED® rating system, which now serves as the benchmark for green construction.One of the company’s more recent projects is the first Gold certified LEED® condominium in California.  Phase1, E11even, is also the only Gold certified residential project in Los Angeles.  The 13-story structure is a post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced concrete structure with 176 loft-styled units and includes more than 5000 square feet of retail space.E11even used sustainable building materials and energy-efficient construction and amenities.  The building is owned by The South Group and was architecturally designed by Ankrom Moisan.  The condominium consists of 400,000 square feet.This Howard S. Wright project received recognition with its designation as the Best Mixed-Use Residential Project and as the Best Multi-Family High Rise Housing Award from the Los Angeles Business Council.  Chalk up one more for sustainable construction.

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