Inside Look: Our Training Framework

People often ask about how we train our facilities service teams. We base this process off of John Maxwell’s book, The 360-Leader (pages 235-237). This simple process enables the motivated trainer and trainee to have a simple transfer of skills. This is what we tell our trainers.

Experience alone isn’t a good enough teacher, but evaluated experience is. – John Maxwell

We want to take you through a process to teach others to step-up effectively. The better you can teach a process, the better the entire company will be.
The promises the trainer makes to the person being trained include:
1. I DO IT. The process begins with my knowing how to do something. I cannot give what I do not possess. I cannot teach what I do not know.
2. I DO IT AND YOU WATCH. After I have mastered the process, I take you with me and ask you to watch. I explain what I’m doing. I encourage you to ask questions. I want you to see and to understand everything I am doing.
3. YOU DO IT AND I WATCH. You can only learn so much from watching, At some point you have to jump in and actually try it. When you reach this stage and start doing it yourself, my role is to encourage you, gently correct you, and redirect you as needed.
4. YOU DO IT. As soon as you have the fundamentals down, I step back and give you some room so that you can master it and start to develop your own style and methods.
5. YOU DO IT AND SOMEONE ELSE WATCHES. The last thing I need to do in the training process is to help you find someone else to develop and encourage you to get started. You never really know something until you teach it to someone else. Besides, the process isn’t really complete until you pass on what you’ve received to someone else.

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