Interactive Signs and Folding 3D TVs are in the Future

A key speaker at the recent Emerging Display Technologies Conference has predicted some exciting future improvements to existing technology. Making the predictions was investment director Eileen Tanghal of Applied Materials. Applied Materials is a major player in the display manufacturing market.

Although there are still a few technological hurdles to be made, Tanghal speculated that it is reasonable to believe that significant improvement in modern displays will be available in the near future. One of her predictions was that interactive signs will become commonplace. These signs will be seen in the form of large wall mounted or stand alone touchscreen displays. They may advertise a product or provide directions or tidbits of information to passers-by. Users can interact with them by selecting different options on the screen to find more information about a particular item, or even compare prices. One mobile phone store already has a display of this sort set up. Its function is to advertise Android enabled mobile phones. Similar displays could pop up in many shops and public areas in the near future.

Tanghal’s second prediction was that television screens that can be folded up and placed in a pocket will someday be widely available. Such screens have already been prototyped, but are far too expensive to be marketed to consumers. The key to reducing their cost is to develop cheaper backing materials that hold the display elements together. Currently materials that can conduct signals to the individual pixels and be flexible and durable enough to repeatedly be folded and unfolded are extremely expensive.

With display technology in nearly every modern consumer electronic device, consumer demand is very high and massive profits are being made by display manufacturers. These profits provide funding for the research that will give birth to these exciting new technologies in the future.

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