iPhone Alarm Clock Donates Your Snooze to Charity

Being charitable is something that many people enjoy doing. It is also something that certain people may need a push or easy way to give. Because of this fact, charities have needed to be extremely creative with their campaigns and tactics. The easier the process, the more likely someone is to give. With the explosion of social media and the prolific use of smart phones, the company LetGive has created a different way to donate to one’s favorite charity. This unique new program is the iPhone app Snooze.

With this app, the user chooses the particular charity that he wises to donate to and then uses the program like any other alarm clock. Every time the alarm is snoozed, $0.25 is donated to the charity. Every month, there are two times that a person can then send the money out to the charity. Depending on the individual, this app may be a motivator to get out of bed more quickly or for the charitable type, it may cause a person to hit the snooze button again and again.

Regardless of what your take is on the app, it is surely a creative way to get people to donate to charities. It is not going to raise millions of dollars, but should assist in getting people to think about giving more frequently. There are currently not a lot of iPhone apps out there that promote charitable giving, so this one may help to pave the way for other organizations and developers to make creative opportunities for people to contribute.

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