Is Being Good at Work Good Enough? Here’s How to Be Great!

Some people seem to coast through their work day with ease. Some people never seem to have a worrisome moment, or a stressful situation that causes their blood to boil. Some people seem to have all the luck—or do they? Perhaps they just know what it really takes to not only be good at work, but to be great. Shh! Don’t tell…we’ve got their secrets to success.

Be Relentlessly Curious

When it comes to performing at a high level day after day, week after week and month after month, the trick isn’t being lucky. It’s being curious. Have you ever known a really successful person—be it a CEO, the founder of a company or perhaps a marketing guru—who wasn’t a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their niche?

Being successful is about being curious, and having the desire to learn more in order to get more accomplished. Whether you need to land more deals, sign on new clients, improve your math skills, or become more technology savvy, be curious. Take an active interest in learning what you can, and as much as you can. The fact is, self-starters always win…in the game of life whether professional or personal.

Show Up Today With More Discipline Than You Had Yesterday

One of our core values at Green Efficient is to be exceptional. We hold this with such importance because we believe that only when we are giving our ‘all’ in our personal lives, can we give our ‘all’ to our clients, our colleagues and to the work we do on a day in, day out basis. In the spirit of being exceptional, we work hard, in order to live out that motto for our clients.

Here’s how it works: we show up today with more discipline than we had yesterday. We put more effort, ingenuity and commitment into each day than we did the day before—so we propose a challenge—why don’t you do the same and see what happens?

For example, if you showed up on time today, why not be a few minutes early to work tomorrow, and see what happens?

If you had a high concentration morning today, why not strive for an even longer period of focus and concentration tomorrow?

If you felt positive and confident about yourself today, why not try to be even more positive about your career, and even more confident about your ability in the workplace, tomorrow?

Anyone who is not just good at what they do, but truly great at it, looks at each day as the next BEST opportunity to practice the execution of their talents, strengths and abilities to be their very best. Be better than you were today and just see what happens. Make a mental note of your progress. We bet you’ll be blown away by your excellence, insight and ingenuity!

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