Is it appropriate to meet with a multi-million-dollar client in jeans?

In the past the art of conducting a meeting played largely on appearance. Millionaires were professionals that dressed in suits and ties. This was the way that business was conducted. People that wanted to conduct business with wealthy clients had to look the part.

A lot of this suit and tie dress code had to do with the people that were making millions. Multi-millionaires were typically older gentlemen that believed in traditional ways. The people behind the multi-million dollar ideas have changed, however, as the years have gone by.

The corporate CEO status from companies like Coca-Cola began to share the spotlight with other millionaire and billionaire entertainers and entrepreneur that have taken a laid back approach to business. The founder of Dell computers, for example, became known for his signature blue button down shirts and a tie. The founder of Papa Johns, John Schnatter, is also known as a wealthy figure that is usually seen in a button down, slacks, and no tie. This timeline shows a change in the millionaires. The people in charge are now a lot younger.

This can be seen in the workforce as casual days were implemented into a lot of work environments. Today there are multi-millionaires that are more laid back than some of the people that work for them. This generation has spun more young millionaires than any other time period.

It’s very possible to have a multi-million-dollar client that is still a teenager. This is just how much wide the spectrum has changed. What does this mean for those that have to conduct business with this diverse group? It means that each client is different. It’s impossible to group this entire spectrum into one massive group.

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