Is Your LEED Building Still EnergyStar rated?


Facility managers have many details they must attend to with the buildings they manage, one of the most important being energy efficiency. The two major energy efficiency designations are LEED and EnergyStar, which are designated by the United States Green Building Council and Environmental Protection Agency respectively. When finding out if a particular LEED building is still EnergyStar rated, there are a number of ways to find out. 

The best way to find out how a building is doing is to look at the type of equipment that is currently installed for use. Automated systems that manage and control such functions as heating, cooling, lighting control, landscape irrigation and more are designed to monitor and manage these processes, all the while collecting data that is used to provide LEED and EnergyStar certifications. 

Having the latest automated systems installed in a commercial or institutional building can make all the difference in gaining the necessary certifications. Controllers, sensors and software in these systems can help facility managers know if they are satisfying the prerequisites for Energy and Atmosphere categories and those for Indoor Environmental Quality. Both of these categories play a key role in the LEED New Construction and Major Renovation requirements. 

To attain the Platinum level of LEED Certification, which is the highest possible level, many buildings use the digital controllers, sensors and software working together to monitor a number of performance factors such as fluid temperatures, solar currents being generated by PV rays, wind turbine power or other factors. 

When seeking EnergyStar certification, some buildings do a complete retrofit of obsolete systems in order to produce significant energy savings monthly and yearly. For example, many buildings combine the software and sensors to monitor CO2 levels and help enhance the air quality of the building. As a result, many buildings see a monthly energy reduction of 10% or more over the previous system. Savings this significant can go a long way in a building obtaining LEED Gold certification.

When making sure an LEED building is still EnergyStar rated, the best way to do so is by checking the data from the current heating and cooling system to see how the data stacks up against other buildings or competitors. By using the latest systems to help reduce energy and water consumption, any building can be well on its way to maintaining LEED and EnergyStar rankings they can be proud to display.

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