James Bond's Family Car in 2011

James Bond Would Undoubtedly Drive The Aston Martin Rapide For 2011 If He Settled Down With A Family

There is no question that James Bond would take delivery of a 2011 Aston Martin Rapide if he were to settle down with a family. There have been a number of four-door sports saloons to hit the market in the last three years including the Porsche Panamara, the aging Maserati Quattroporte and even the concept Lamborghini, but none of these cars say, ‘Bond. James Bond.’ They just do not have that quintessential of all British qualities like the Aston does. Therefore, if Bond were looking for a 4-door car to change up his style a little, he would not have to venture far from his favorite cars, the Aston Martins. 

Yes, you’re thinking that Bond would never be caught in a four-door car, but do not be so sure of yourself. When you have had that many women, a family is bound to start at some point. And yes, you could squeeze a family (or business party) into the back on an Aston Martin DB9, but your guests would likely have sore legs after just an hour’s drive. The Rapide seems the only car to maintain the essence of the British sports car when making the leap to four doors. It should be noted that James Bond would never find himself bored to death by a soft Bentley or Rolls either, at least not if he still has some lead left in his pencil.


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