Keep Your Xeriscaped Garden Blooming All Year

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of a well manicured landscape to create an environmentally friendly xeriscape.

A xeriscaped yard can be beautiful all year, especially in Texas.

There are so many plants native to Texas that you can find colorful plants that will thrive in each season. Since these plants have already adapted to our region, you won’t have to use as much water or fertilizer on them. This is better for you and our environment.

Here are some plants you can use throughout the year in your xeriscaped yard:

–  Even during the winter, you can find some native plants to keep your garden going. The sweet violet, four nerve daisy, and lyre leaf sage can all thrive during the cooler winter months.

–  Your garden won’t go unnoticed during spring. Carolina buckthorn, hawthorne, rock rose, and winecups are just a few of the plants you can use in the spring.

–  Summer is an excellent time for plants to grow, and you can find any number of native Texas plants to place in your xeriscape. Angels trumpet, desert willow, silver bluestem, and yellow primrose are all in full bloom during the summer.

–  The Maximilian sunflower, turks cap, and coneflower flourish in Texas’ cooler fall months. As you say good-bye to the summer, you can still enjoy your xeriscaped yard.

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