Kick ‘P’ to the Curb: Here’s Some New Ways to Beat Procrastination

Recent studies have shown that 20 percent of adults, both male and female, are chronic procrastinators. That means that 20 percent of the adult population are avoiding their most pressing deadlines, or in denial of tasks that need to get done—so they don’t get done. Let’s consider how that affects your health.

Assuming that the body reacts to the level of stress, anxiety and worry you experience, a procrastinator could result in not only turning in work late, but showing up sick, as well. Whether it’s a job you’re procrastinating in, or a fear of success you have in your personal life, we’ve got new, clever ways to kick procrastination to the curb. Just don’t procrastinate about trying these strategies out! They hold the power to eliminate your ‘hesitation situation.’

If You Think Some Things Are Certain, You May Want to Think Again

If you’ve been procrastinating for months, years or (gasp!) your whole life, it could be because you’re so afraid that if you don’t produce something great, you’ll be rejected, canned or humiliated in front of your peers.

Are you afraid you’ll miss out on your one and only chance to be successful?

Are you procrastinating about asking your boss for a raise, or to be considered for a promotion?

Are you procrastinating on tackling that new project for your client, for the fear that you won’t live up to their expectations—that you’re not creative enough, insightful enough, or educated enough to carry it through to success?

Repeat the following: Nothing is certain. Take a deep breath, and relax. Roll those shoulders down and around, and focus on the good, insightful portfolio of yours that would blow anyone away. In other words, perfectionism is out, and uncertainty is in. So, embrace it. Learn from it, and produce your best work—inside the workplace and outside of it.

If You Thrive on Chaos, Try This Way Instead

As much as they may complain about their ‘stress levels’, some people just love the drama of the stressful state. In fact, they thrive on chaos, the uncertainty, and the adrenaline that comes with procrastination, itself. However, have you ever wondered if you’re really best under pressure?

Try this, instead: for the next five days, give yourself the same order of morning chores to do, at the same time every morning. It could be at 8am you eat breakfast, and at 8:30am you leave the house to go to work.

Give yourself five of these ‘chores’ and notice if you have more free time during the rest of your day. Leave drama for teenagers and workaholics that don’t yet know a better way. Now that you know a better way, live better without the procrastination!

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