Kindle for Blackberry: Good Idea?

In so many words, Gizmodo blogger Kat Hannaford suggests that the free Kindle app for Blackberry is a stupid idea.

Actually, those are Hannaford’s exact words.

A Blackberry user herself, Hannaford argues that unless you’re using a Storm, a Blackberry’s screen is way too small for more than occasional eBook reading, particularly since you’ll need press the “next page” button so often. She also questions what the frequent scrolling will do to the device’s battery life. She concludes with the suggestion that “really, it’s about time the industry takes a leaf out of the Blu-ray Disc Association’s book, and explores the idea of providing digital copies with every paperback sold.”

Matthew Miller over at ZDNet is more bullish about the app becoming available, noting that it’s basically about time, since Kindle for the iPhone has been around for a while and he says “it is great to see Amazon expanding to other popular smartphones. I would love to eventually see an Android application as well since I still have Kindle books I purchased back when I owned a Kindle and would love to read them on all my smartphones.”

Miller goes on to note that the Kindle app — which you can download from Amazon or directly to your Blackberry by typing “” into your Blackberry browser – permits you to shop for books in the Kindle store (magazines and other content are not currently supported), about which Hannaford raises the question about whether Kindle book downloads for the Blackberry ought to be cheaper than they are for the actually Kindle – many New York Times best sellers and new releases currently sell for $9.99 for both devices.

Is the ebook user experience on a Blackberry too frustrating for a significant investment in ebook costs, or would you be willing to get used to the expeience? And what do you think about the pricing scheme? Should downloads be priced differently for different platforms? What do you think? Your comments about this post are most welcome.

Image source: via CNET

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