LEED® Certification Earned at the University of Texas

LEED® Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an achievement to strive for and an example-setting standard to meet.Earning a LEED® Certification means that your building has achieved the distinction of meeting performance standards in energy conservation.The principles of LEED®:•    produce better indoor climate•    improve air quality•    have less water waste•    make more efficient use of power•    reduce greenhouse gas emissions•    establish that more sustainable energy sources were used in the act of constructing the building or making the renovationsThe new research office complex on the Austin campus at the University of Texas meets the LEED® criteria. It is also enjoys the status of being the first green building of its kind on any campus in Texas.  The complex demonstrates how greener building practises can be integrated into new structures.  Advancing the state-wide commitment to using sustainable energy alternatives, the parking lot will accommodate 4 electric cars for re-charging while the owners work on campus.  Among the many energy conscious sources used in the construction, recycled rubber, yarn from old carpets and reflective material in the roof exemplify greener choices.  In addition, the materials used replace traditionally toxic materials, so they also merit the noteworthy characteristic of being a healthier alternative for the employees who will work there.In keeping with greener building practices, the construction project reduced the waste material by-products by 95 percent. Construction materials that would normally end up in a landfill site were either re-cycled or used in other building construction sites.The LEED® Certification of the complex at Texas U. is a land-breaking endeavour.  Texas, formerly the captain of the oil industry, is sending the message that safety, health, and environmental stability is the new standard in green.

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