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Very few people think about cleaning in association with green building.  This is a big issue when it comes to buildings with LEED® certification, however. Unfortunately, after spending all that time on gaining that certificate, many Texas owners go about their business of building management in the “normal”, traditional way.With the necessary and required recertification, whether annually or every five years, it’s important to fix the facts in the minds of every Texas building owner with a LEED® certified building.The Clean, LEED® Product-based FactsPart of LEED® certification – a large part – deals with how you keep your building clean. Whether you do the work yourself, have a janitorial division or hire a building maintenance service doesn’t matter. What does matter are the products, materials and equipment you use.Most industrial cleaning products have some form of toxic substances in them.  As stated in “Go Clean for a Green Building and LEED® EB Certification” sprays, wipes and other liquid cleaners leave a residue on surfaces, evaporate into the air and lower the overall indoor air quality (IAQ).  Many of these products carry warnings about inhaling the fumes or say something like “use only in well-ventilated areas”.CLR, a commonly used cleaner in households and businesses alike, is a perfect example:Warning Overview: Irritating to eyes, skin, respiratory tract and mucous membranes.  Risk of burns to eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.  May be harmful or fatal if swallowed.  Use with adequate ventilation.  Avoid breathing mist or dust.  Keep container closed when not in use.Does CLR do its job?  Yes.  Is it harmful to the environment, the quality of indoor air and you?  Yes.  What’s the alternative?The alternatives are paying attention to the products you buy, writing a green purchasing policy for your janitorial division or hiring a LEED®  compliant building management service.  A green purchasing policy may take a little time, but it’s well worth it.  A LEED® compliant building management service takes a moment to find them, but again, it’s well worth it.Gaining LEED® certification, whether in Texas or elsewhere, is just the beginning.

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