LEED Janitorial Services and Building Wellness

After all is said and done, the point of green construction is about improving global sustainability, maximizing energy efficiency and creating a healthy environment.  The health and well being of the work environment is not overlooked in the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system version v3.Unfortunately, when the stalwart third-party rating system was originated, building owners, managers and the USBGC itself may have been short sighted about the scope of maintaining the developer’s design, structural and conceptual commitment to environmental wellness.  Now, after years of refinements and modifications to the LEED system, maintenance services and building cleaning services in particular, have received valuable guidelines for green cleaning programs that actually add points to the LEED rating.Owners, employees and cleaning technicians can now receive the training necessary to protect and ensure the building’s LEED integrity.  In version v3, the USGBC has set forth valuable guidelines to keep the environmental ball rolling.  At the core of this commitment is the recognition that every workplace benefits from green concepts and every LEED certified workplace should be a healthy and happy place to work.To inspire a commitment to LEED cleaning, the USGBC has set forth these startup LEED initiatives.

  • LEED AP – 1 point
  • Sustainable Purchasing for Cleaning Materials and Products – 3 points
  • Entryway Systems – 1 point
  • Low environmental Impact Equipment Policy – 1 point
  • Low environmental Impact Cleaning Policy – 1 point

Buildings that retain and implement experienced LEED approved janitorial services can gain 7 LEED points.  Once familiar with the property and its day-to-day operations, the cleaning consultant can then tailor other programs to capture other LEED points.These maintenance policies are essential to the green concept.  The new maintenance guidelines place ample value on sustaining the original LEED commitment and yield big results in terms of employee and building wellness.

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