LEED Points for Green Cleaning

More and more facility maintenance managers are becoming familiar with the LEED v3 Existing Buildings: O&M (Operations and Maintenance) guidelines for commercial buildings.  One of the facility maintenance managers new responsibilities is creating building wellness programs that promote sustainability and advance the building’s overall healthy work environment.As the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program has expanded, the council has constantly upgraded existing practices and added new sustainable policies to preserve the environmental and energy accomplishments gained through the LEED certification.  Once a building receives LEED certification, a sizable investment and commitment has already been made.The new LEED v3 program entitled Existing buildings: O&M (Operations and Management) sets out green cleaning programs for new buildings and for existing building retrofits.  Projects can now accomplish up to 18 LEED points for various green cleaning programs.In addition to LEED credits for green cleaning, the Existing Building LEED program provides credits for many building management programs.  Some of the building management programs eligible for credits are:

  • Green Site & Building Exterior Management
  • Integrated Pest Management, Landscaping Management Plan
  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • Solid Waste Management Policy
  • Sustainable Purchasing Practices
  • Solid Waste Management – Waste Steam Audit
  • Solid Waste Management – Ongoing Consumables

Facility Maintenance Managers must set and implement policies and assure compliance to earn building management credits.  These erstwhile programs can earn up to 25 LEED credits.The v3 Existing Building green cleaning programs begin with a well-structured Green Cleaning Policy.  In the policy each of the following programs should be addressed:

  • Green Cleaning – High Performance Cleaning Program
  • Green Cleaning – Custodial Effectiveness
  • Green Cleaning – Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials (target = 60%)
  • Green Cleaning – Sustainable Cleaning Equipment
  • Green Cleaning – Indoor Integrated Pest Management

Building wellness programs put the occupants first.  The health of the occupants is a reflection upon the facility maintenance manager’s ability to manage green operating and maintenance initiatives.

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