Little Things Can Lead to Big Savings

It can be very expensive to make an existing building green.  Creating an eco friendly environment is something that many Texas businesses opt to do over time to defray the costs.  However, a business can do many little things to make their buildings more eco friendly while they go about working towards the big items.Spending just a little time and money to make simple changes saves money and the environment at the same time.  Any Texas business, whether they are in the wide-open spaces or big congested cities like DFW, Austin, or Dallas, can create a green building inside and out.  A few items a business of any size can do to make their companies more energy efficient are:
•    Replace standard incandescent light bulbs with florescent.  Not only do the florescent bulbs last longer they save money on the monthly electric bill.
•    Keep the heating and cooling systems working efficiently by making sure to change all heating and air conditioning filters every month.
•    Make sure all outdoor lighting is turned off during daylight hours.
•    Replace toilet and water fixtures with energy saving low flow systems.  This saves hundreds of gallons of water daily in an average office building.
•    Reduce paper waste.  Office personnel have a habit of mindlessly throwing away faxes, and other papers accumulated in the course of an average business day.  However, those sheets very often are completely empty on the opposite sides.  Turn them over and use them for notes or make sure you employ the double-sided printing capabilities of your printers and use both sides at the same time.It doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but little things mean a lot to the environment and save money, too.

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