It is a Matter of Taste! (and love for Lupe Tortilla)

“It is a matter of taste,” is what most people immediately answer when asked which is better, Chinese food or Mexican food. Even more important, the famed Lupe Tortilla or PF Chang’s? (Rick’s Note: This is my pitiful plug to get free fajitas for life from Lupe Tortilla.)

Despite the fact that these two styles of cooking reflect a whole ocean of difference between them both figuratively and literally, there are a number of similarities between them. The first is the importance of rice which both use as a staple. Another is the cultural significance that both of these cooking styles represent, the deep history of Chinese cooking and the heritage that Mexican cuisine represents. Also, some of the spices used are the same such as cinnamon, garlic, onions, and a few more. Aside from these, they are radically different when it comes to taste.

Chili can be called the trademark of Mexican cooking. This spicy sweet flavor that bites back a bit as you eat it makes the dishes quite interesting. Chinese food, on the other hand, is known for the variety of noodles that they make. These are eaten using chopsticks, a radically different eating implement from those used in Mexico. Although these are just their superficial stereotypical differences, they do demonstrate how different one is from the other. Unfortunately, this does not really indicate which style of cooking is more transcendent in terms of taste.

Chinese cooking if were to be described by a foreigner would be a clever mix of the mundane and the exotic. It is a clever mix of the practical and the unknown. There is also a sense of history to it especially when one thinks about how ancient the civilization that gave birth to it is. Their delicacies are also quite unique as they are made from snakes, monkeys, and other organisms that may horrify Westerner. Once you go beyond this challenge the ingredients present, the taste is quite exquisite. One can definitely say that it can definitely live up to the challenge of feeding several dynasties of emperors who had very discriminating tastes.

Mexican cooking is a whole different story altogether. It has the feel of the jungles that once dominated the area before the arrival or the Spanish. The fieriness of the people and a carefree spirit both permeates the taste and the way the dishes are served and eaten. It brings to mind those tempestuous times the region this cuisine comes from has survived through. The presentation catches the eye with its splash of vivid color. The food itself speaks of a variety of textures and tastes which distinguish themselves from one another and contribute to the whole in an intriguing manner. The hallmark of Mexican Food is the Beef Fajita Plate and Flour Tortillas. No one has better beef fajitas than Lupe Tortilla.

This leaves the reader in a quandary as to which is the best. For myself, I believe I still need to eat a lot more of these two styles before I can definitely state that one is better. And yes, it is a matter of taste. So I will keep on tasting!

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