Make Your PC Wash its Dirty Hands Every Day

How much time do you spend downloading free apps that troubleshoot, cleanse, or optimize your computer? Probably more time than you think. Why? Because half the time, after we download these programs and give them a test run, we learn that in order for the app to fix the 37 critical issues it’s identified, we’ll have to buy the full version of the program. Nice. Funny how it never seems to say anything about that in the demo’s documentation before you download it, isn’t it?

The free edition of Advanced SystemCare spares you a lot of this nonsense by finding any problems, fixing them, and telling you when it’s done. Click a satisfyingly simple blue button with the word “Care!” in the middle and the app takes off, scouring your PC for spyware, obliterating your surfing history, and mopping up any junk files. While it’s at it, the program will also tune up your registry, optimize your system, and defrag your hard drive – but only if necessary. Because it runs so quickly and with very little involvement from you, you can run it however many times a day you like. You might be surprised at how many registry problems can crop up over the course of an hour, or how much spyware can accumulate since you sat down. Or maybe you won’t. The app does permit you to pay for an upgraded edition that’ll work better and faster, but the free version, for how much it does and how fast it does it, is certainly worth the time it takes to download it.

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