Making Android Your Own

The Android mobile platform is quickly becoming the fastest and most popular of smartphone operating systems. Another useful and helpful creation brought to us by the lord of the search engines, Google, Android is being enjoyed world wide, with its ease of use and customization options.

Most users will know that they can easily download apps from the Android Market (and now that of the Amazon App store) that can make life easier by keeping track of your health, your daily tasks and email (especially when using Google’s products), and even becoming your personal assistant. But what some may not know or attempt to achieve is that Android – unlike Windows or Apple – allow for users to really customize, with the use of hacks.

Let’s be honest – no manufacturer wants you to completely own your phone and by that, I mean, they don’t want you to remove the stuff they put in so that they make a little more money off of your cell use. That’s why you get all that bloat ware when you first buy your phone, but with some hacks, you can get around this.

Root Your Android – rooting your Android means that you basically get to the nitty gritty of your phone, by getting directly to the administrative areas. A root can open up a ton of options, including downloading those apps that are root only. One of the benefits of rooting is the ability to get newer versions of Android OS on your phone, even if it’s not on the list for upgrades.

There is of course the danger that comes with rooting any phone and that’s the case where, if you do it wrong, you’ll need to start your phone from scratch, as in everything will be erased. However, an upside is if you DO root your Android and want to unroot it, you can – unlike an iPhone.

Change Your Display – sometimes the default homescreen isn’t anything to shake your head at. For most, it’s probably fine and does what it needs to do and that’s show their icons. However, for some, seeing the same thing over and over gets boring. That’s why you can change the way your homescreen works.

You can chose home screen launchers that allows extra screens, as well as download icon to beautify each of your screens.

A World More – these are two of the many things that you can do with your Android phone. There’s still the ability of using your phone as a remote (media, YouTube, and even your garage door), running newer versions of Android on any phone, and of course all the awesome apps that you can download, many for free.

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