Maximizing Sleep

When it comes to making each day matter, sleep can be a deciding factor in determining how much is achieved on any given day. Unfortunately, when thinking of ways to maximize success, sleep is often overlooked even though it plays such a vital role. Although the topic of sleep seems almost mystical in nature, there are a few easy ways to ensure that those precious hours devoted to getting some shut-eye are used most efficiently.

Sleep Maximizer #1: If the body isn’t tired, don’t waste time in bed. There are some fun exceptions to this rule, but this is in reference to bedroom time devoted to sleep. Although the clock might say its bedtime, if the body says something different listen to the body. Use time that would likely be wasted tossing and turning doing something productive instead.

Sleep Maximizer #2: Don’t oversleep. Oversleeping is one of the most indulgent natural luxuries in life. While occasionally it is nice to indulge, don’t make it a habit. While it’s common to feel groggy upon waking, don’t take this as an automatic sign that more sleep is needed. Adults can typically function optimally on as little as 5 hours of sleep a night, and 5 to 7 hours of sleep a night is ideal. Sleep over 7 hours a night typically gives no benefits and is wasting valuable time.

Sleep Maximizer #3: Make sleeping arrangements comfortable. Reduce the amount of time tossing, turning and readjusting at night by making sleeping arrangements as comfortable as possible before getting in bed. Ensure the temperature is conductive for restful sleep and avoid letting bedrooms get too stuffy or warm. A slightly cool room temperature is ideal with blankets and sheets being used to achieve maximum comfort.

Sleep is an important part of success, and these sleep maximizers can help ensure hours spent horizontal are put to their best use. Don’t waste precious hours that can be better spent elsewhere; streamline the sleep process and maximize your returns for the time investment involved.

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