McDonalds Fries or Whataburger Fries? The Faceoff

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long night or a long morning after (or afternoon after, in most cases) and you don’t want something fancy to eat. You just want to keep your sunglasses on, throw a bill through a sliding window and get some fast food. If you’re looking for some slim fried potatoes, what’s the best choice to make here? Since Whataburger and McDonalds are the two places most like to be open at any time, we’re going to see how their fries stack up against one another.
First up, McDonalds. Right off the bat, you can tell these are the cheapest option. All the fries are shoved into either a little paper bag or a cheap carton. Some are soggy and wilted, others stand at attention, and yet others are brown and shriveled, like some sort of mutant raisin. You can taste the cheap grease on them right away. Yet for anyone who grew up on these fries (and if you’re American, chances are you did), they have a certain charm. They’re familiar, like fast food comfort food.
Whataburger fries are on the opposite spectrum. They are always straight and perfect, with the more expensive fries in a carton that can stand on it’s own. They taste more like classic potato chips, using old grease and more care in their making. They are much crispier, with a satisfying texture. This is the gourmet option. You may pay more, but you get your money’s worth.
So who wins? Whataburger definitely pulls ahead, with their commercial-worthy batch of fries every time. Sorry to all you with McDonalds nostalgia. Don’t worry, they’ll always be there for you. Just remember to get the ketchup.
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