Remember Any Number

If you are like me, you probably have trouble remembering every phone number, internet password, birthday date, and pin number.  Well, I have found the perfect solutions: The Major Memory System, a powerful technique for memorizing numbers.  By mastering this technique, you will be about to recite pi up to 22,500 decimal digits.  The system is divided into 3 separate steps: encode numbers as images, associate images in your mind, and extend the system for longer numbers.  What is striking about this system is that it suggests why we have such trouble remembering numbers: our brains usually work best using vibrant images, and numbers lack such characteristics.  The system he discusses relies on converting these dull numbers into vivid images and associating numbers with pictures.  In doing so, we are able to more easily remember even the longest of numbers (like pi).  The system is like using a mnemonic system on steroids.  For a full description of the system and how to use it, please see the link below.

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