CXRE Commercial Real Estate:Most Happening Places for Young People

Portfolio compiled a list of the 67 most important and happening places for young people to live. They define young people as those in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s. They only looked at cities with populations over 750,000. High tech cities who were winners included: Austin, San Jose, San Francisco & Houston.

Factors including the following:

Opportunity Score

Rate of Population Growth

Rate of Employment Growth

Share of Population (this age group VS others)

% of Households with incomes over $100K

% of Households with bachelors degrees

Considering all these items weighted equally, here are the results:

1 Austin, TX
2 Washington, DC
3 Raleigh, NC
4 Boston, MA
5 Houston, TX
6 Oklahoma City, OK
7 Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
8 Tulsa, OK
9 Seattle, WA
10 Baton Rouge, LA
11 New York City, NY
12 Salt Lake City, UT
13 San Francisco-Oakland, CA
14 San Antonio, TX
15 Denver, CO
16 San Jose, CA
17 Baltimore, MD
18 Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN


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