Mount Gadgets to Your Car's Dashboard with a 3M Command Strip

Whether it is a GPS unit, cell phone or MP3 player, mounting the device in a car can be a frustrating thing. If the device comes with a suction cup mount, these will usually only work on glass. They rarely hold properly on the dashboard. When mounted on the windshield, the device is often hard to reach as it is out of the way.

There are custom mounting kits that can be purchased for particular devices, but this will often require professional installation and be quite costly. To be able to easily mount any gadget to the car’s dashboard, there is a simple and elegant solution. This involves the use of a 3M Command Strip.

These strips are advertised as being able to securely hold heavy items reliability. They are certainly able to support the weight of any small electronic gadget. The strips are inexpensive and installation is a breeze.

The Command Strip has adhesive on both sides. Ensure that both the device and the dashboard are clean. Then simply attach the strip to the gadget and this to the dashboard. If there is a carrying case or dock, the Command Strip can be attached to this and then placed on the dashboard. This is a perfect solution for anyone who does not want to have the strip directly on the device.

These strips are quite strong as long as it has a flat surface to adhere to adhere to. Many dashboards are not completely smooth and may not hold the strip effectively. In some cases, trial and error is best for this unique solution for your electronic gadgets.

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