Never Pay a Bill Late Again with Chronicle Mini

In today’s age of contracts and financial obligations, monthly payments for goods and services are extremely common. Many consumers have trouble keeping track of the great number of monthly bills they must pay. Direct withdrawal takes care of many of them automatically, and email notifications are sent to remind customers when some of their bills are due. However, automatic withdrawal may not be an attractive option in some situations, and it’s easy to open an email notification at a time or place when access to a bill paying method isn’t available. After it’s opened, the email disappears into the old mail and is often forgotten about.Chronicle Mini aims to end these problems for Mac users and provides a convenient way for users to track the due dates of each regularly paid expense. It runs in Mac OS X and is a small, unobtrusive addition to the menu bar. It has a simple and straightforward user interface. Billing information can be entered into it and it will display a list of due dates for upcoming bills. Users can include a link to the website of each company to which money is owed. A simple click on this link takes the user directly to the company’s site, allowing them to quickly pay the bill and go on with business as usual.

Chronicle Mini is designed by the makers of Chronicle, which is a full suite of personal money management software. The miniature counterpart can interface with Chronicle, but users do not have to have the main program installed on their Macs in order for Mini to run. For those who wish to delve into the extensive capabilities of Chronicle, however, a link is provided to its purchase site directly from Chronicle Mini.

Chronicle Mini is available to download at no charge from the Mac App Store.

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