Office Depot’s New Environment – Part 2

On Anderson Lane in Austin, good things are happening to one of the country’s largest office retail supply firms. Through Office Depot’s new environmentally responsible initiative coordinated with a commitment to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certifications, the $15.4 billion office supply giant will be flexing its substantial green muscle in a number of constructive ways.In addition to creating a prototype Gold LEED® certified 20,000 square foot distribution center, Office Depot has also launched a stellar line of green products. In 2007, sales of these green products rose to $1.6 billion, more than 10% of Office Depot’s global sales.Among the highly rated LEED® features at the Anderson Lane facility are the highly efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units, the low-usage water fixtures and a roofing and skylight system that adjusts to the sun allowing entry and use of natural daylight.Office Depot has also put in place a proactively aggressive recycling center. Under this program, customers can recycle unwanted cell phones, rechargeable batteries, ink and toner cartridges, paper and electronical equipment.As part of its global initiative, Office Depot encourages its 52,000 employees in 43 countries to utilize public transportation whenever possible. Employees have also organized effective carpooling pods. Office Depot goes further tan expected by providing free bicycle tire patches and air pumps for workers who agree to ride bikes to and from work.In its efforts to spread sustainable products throughout the business world, Office Depot has posted green economy advisories throughout the distribution center. These advisories remind customers and employees of the facility’s many green nuances. Rather than purchase new shopping carts for Anderson Lane, the office supply giant refurbished old carts. This seems a small step but represents the effort that can start a green wave.As the company has continued to expand its green product line, a Green Office Checklist has been developed. The checklist is based upon LEED®-EB Sustainable Purchasing Standards and is accompanied by a LEED®-EB Credit Report that accounts for the Sustainable Purchasing of office supplies, technology and furniture according to the U.S. Green Building Council’s recommendations.Office Depot’s Anderson Lane center reflects the corporation’s revitalized determination to become and remain a responsible corporate citizen. This is becoming a familiar scenario in green savvy Austin.

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