One Man’s Transformation (Part II)

Once San Diego entrepreneur Chris D’Avignon found how responsive the public was to his sustainability efforts, he expanded his knowledge and his commitment.  His began to apply the LEED® certification principles to his own real estate holdings.He converted lighting systems to LEED’s and began to change existing heating and cooling systems to comply with LEED® standards.  As D’Avignon was sole owner of his real estate holdings, he was careful and cost-conscious.  Every conversion had to be economically viable.  D’Avignon quickly became an expert on energy efficiency and cost controls.In February 2008, D’Avignon approached a group of electrical contractors at a Las Vegas meeting of Electric West.  D’Avignon sought answers to five questions:1.    Where are the energy opportunities now?2.    Is it in manufacturing?3.    How can I raise money?4.    What is missing form the market?5.    How could he pay out in 10 years?D’Avignon has used his own experience to become convinced that green construction, the LEED® rating system and the U.S. Green Building Council were not going away.  Those Wyoming windmills were still embedded in his mind and philosophy.What D’Avignon’s research revealed was that end users do not really comprehend the green movement and that most standard bearers of green products carry mixed and unclear messages.  While many of these persons understand many of the principles of the green movement, they do not understand how green products function or what operating components comprise their green designation.D’Avignon founded his Terra Steward store in May, 2008.  The business was incorporated in February 2009.  While the economy is treacherous territory fro startup businesses, prospective lenders, the City of Sand Diego and the mayor have been receptive to D’Avignon’s plans.  The entrepreneur turned green entrepreneur is currently working the SBA to procure funding for an expansion of Terra Steward.D’Avignon’s experience advocates a pretty simple formula for success with green entrepreneurial endeavors:•    Build on what you know•    Integrate your work skills with what you believe in•    Learn what you do not know•    Look for gaps where you fit•    Do not let titles stand in the way•    Build green alliances•    Go for itIt is important work!

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