One Man’s Transformation

wind turbines for alternative energy

Successful entrepreneur and 1992 co-founder of the power electronics firm HiTek, Chris D’Avignon decided to semi-retire in 2003.  For one year, D’Avignon traveled the country.  While driving around Wyoming, his trip got sidelined.  The entrepreneur realized he had come face to face with the future.  The timing caught D’Avignon by surprise but as he looked at acres and acres of “steam generating plants in the middle of nowhere, windmills as far as the eye could see, solar fields,” he was compelled to acknowledge the future of energy and the future of the country.D’Avignon is one person who understands the economics and the environmental aspects of electricity.  He immediately began to grapple with his inner-self.  Semi-retirement was still his goal.    D’Avignon returned to San Diego and began applying his newfound vision to his new real estate development endeavors.The entrepreneur contacted the U.S. Green Building Council and he brushed up on the standards set in the Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification system.  D’Avignon realized that in Wyoming he had seen the future and in LEED® he had found a benchmark system that put the green movement in an organized, digestible format.  He decided to apply his vision of the future and the basics outlined in the LEED® rating system to his own San Diego-based real estate holdings.D’Avignon began to apply the LEED® standards to his numerous real estate renovation and construction projects.  What he discovered was that San Diego was ready for sustainable conversion and construction and that by applying LEED® certifications to his projects, he could realize a built-in 10-15% increase in value.  He also discovered that tenants responded well to LEED® certifications.  His rental income increased by another 15%.D’Avignon was impressed.  He was impressed with the value of green construction, he was impressed with his appreciating real estate portfolio, he was impressed with the way tenants reacted to green products and he was impressed with the guidelines established by the LEED® system.As a man of action and with a history of accomplishing success, D’Avignon decided to embrace the future and put his skills to work.

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