Only As Good As The Google Query You Enter

A lot of people think that Google’s search isn’t the most optimal search engine out there. They down the companies ability to give the correct results and even think that Google’s entire search engine is basically there to show you a bunch of advertisements and spam. However, the truth is that Google is a great search engine, you just have to know how to put things to the search engine so that you get the results that you want. There are many different things that you can input into the system to get the results you want and here are a few of them.

Translating Words Visually
Sometimes you come across words that really don’t make sense to you. They can be in your language or other languages. Google translate is pretty cool, but what if you want to actually “see” what they are talking about? Try entering the word that you want into Google Image. This will give you a nice picture of the word and will clarify just about anything you could want, even give you written information on the word.

Search Shortcuts
Google’s search engine is quite intelligent and offers many different ways that you can shortcut around things to get a more direct answer. For example, if you are wanting to know what the weather is like in China, instead of searching for a Chinese weather channel, search for “weather in China”. Google will find everything for you quickly without you having to jump around on several different sites to get the answer to your question.

Searching For The Unknown
Did you know that even when you are looking for something that you aren’t sure what query you can use, Google has a way for you to look it up. They have the wildcard (*) and the related (related:url) functions. These allow you to let Google know that you are looking for something that you aren’t exactly sure on. With the wildcard function you can search *vampire masquerade* to get results on Vampire the Masquerade the game, or anything else with the two things in the same place. You can use the related function much the same. Search for “related:url facebook” to find other sites much like the one you already are using.

There are many other different ways that you can use Google to find exactly the information that you are wanting. A simple search can help you out in many different ways. There are also many other tips or tricks out there to make your Google searching more simple.

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