Optimize Your Office Space!

When it comes to getting more done, nothing is as important as a clutter-free work environment. So, how is yours looking today? Does your desk support a productive day, by having everything in its place? Do you have post it notes everywhere, as a constant reminder for everything you have to do (and causing your head to spin every time you glance at them)? Have no fear, because we’ve got some clever ways to improve everything from your space to your productivity.

First, Focus on Storage

The space in your office should reflect you, your work ethic and your attention to detail. But, the single most important thing is that it should reflect your passion for productivity! The best way to do that? By giving each desk accessory, piece of paper and filing system its place in your office.

If you have multiple projects going on at once, give each set of paperwork their own folder and place all folders away in your filing system except for the one you’re working on. Resist multitasking, because studies show that it takes up about 40 percent of your workday. Instead, spend time focusing on one task at a time—and get more done.

Have you ever heard the saying, “When a car is clean, it runs better?” While that may or may not be true, the same rule for cleanliness and organization goes for your office. Sure, you can work with a messy desk, but you can work so much better with a clean, organized one!

Next, Focus on Colors That Calm You and Inspire Others!

Are your walls looking bare these days? Too white? Boring? By adding some color to your walls (even just one main wall) you can minimize distraction, and even promote a sense of calm and peace while you work! Choose color that are soft in tone, such as sage, yellow, or a soft blue. If you work in a small office (and always looking for ways to maximize your space), add some shelves to the walls. Place books you often refer to, magazines, or even an Ivy plant to a shelf that rests above your desk—and save space on your desk for a highly creative work day!

Lastly, Furnish It Like a Pro!

Once your walls are decorated, your desk is clutter free and you’re feeling at the top of your game, it’s time to add a piece of furniture or two—or simply re-position the furniture you’ve got. Why? Because the placement of something simple like a desk, chair or ottoman can make a huge difference in your work day success.

If you’re tight on space, positioning your desk in the corner not only makes the room look bigger, but gives you the flexibility to use the other part of the office for another purpose, such as a meeting area. L-shaped desks can also do a great job of saving space. Add rolling or standing storage units for additional organization.

When you put some effort into making minor changes to your office, the payoff is big! Add a new piece here, or redesign a wall there, and you’ll set yourself up for a creative and productive day ahead!

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