Organic Fish Found in Texas

The Texas Aquaculture industry is one of the major producers of fresh fish in the country.  Not only are the native seafood varieties produced in a clean aquatic environment free from water pollutants, but they are a big part of the recent economic boost in the U.S.It is estimated that the Texas Aquaculture Association produced about 37 million pounds of seafood, bait fish and aquatic products in 2007; an output worth about 54.8 million American dollars.  This diversified operation includes water gardens, decorative tank fish and filters, stocker tilapia fingerlings, and many other products that are not included in the total pounds of fish weighed and sold.Although the demand for shrimp has declined somewhat, the appetite for domestically bred catfish, striped bass and red drum has increased.  Examining the stock as a whole demonstrates that the overall demand for aquaculture is higher each year and consistently growing.  The projected global demand for aquaculturally raised and bred seafood is projected to increase by 70 percent over the next 30 years as the inland lake and oceanic fisheries become depleted.Presently, more than two-thirds of American seafood is imported. Increasing the sustainable aquaculture production will boost the American economy and supply the demand for seafood with a better quality, safer and less expensive alternative for shellfish, and other tasty swimmers.Currently, 7 million dollars worth of ornamental fish produced in Texas float in the American economy.  About 47 million dollars worth of shrimp, redfish, tilapia, channel fish, striped bass, and catfish feed the American public. In addition, another few millions worth of stocker fish, bait fish and pond filler fish flow in the waters of U.S. sporting grounds.The Texas Aquaculture Association unites interested parties from commercial and environmental aquaculture management teams.  The TAA provides common ground for the exchange of information and a place to consolidate the expectations of federal and state regulatory agencies.

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