Organic Plastic

The fast food industry has earned a really bad wrap in some circles.  Not only is the quality of the food harmful to the people who ingest it, the garbage generated by the container it was served in is equally detrimental to the environment where it is deposited.As the nation becomes more carbohydrate-savvy; nutrition labels inform us that a Big Burger is really made up of 52% fat and 45% sodium.  To avoid the kind of weight gain associated with such a high intake of unhealthy elements, we switch to the Big Chicken which weighs in at half the fat and sodium levels.  The problem is that the container it is served in is no better than the one in which the Big Fat Burger was offered.Non-biodegradable styrofoam take-out containers, plastic cutlery, straws and cup lids occupy much of the space in garbage receptacles all over the nation.  They spill out over picnic grounds, parking lots and outdoor concert venues. What makes this abhorrent display of recklessness even worse, is that none of it is necessary.There is a solution. Corn and potato starch are sustainable energy sources currently used to make an entire inventory of biodegradable take-out supplies.  Cutlery, re-usable mugs, napkins, tiny sauce dishes, plates and re-sealable serving dishes are avaiable for purchase by everyone, restaurant owners and fast food operators alike.  If you don’t have time to make your own food at home, consider purchasing organic plastic and taking it with you.  It may seem a bit strange at first, but can we expect an industry who profits by selling unhealthy food to humans to care what its by-products do to the environment?

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